Shoulder Pain

Types of Shoulder Pain

ROTATOR CUFF INJURIES: Shoulder injuries of this nature are mostly due to repetitive overhead activities or impact blows to the shoulder. In some cases the injury can occur from sleeping on one’s side or hyper-extending the arm. An achy pain is usually felt along the top of the shoulder and down the side especially when raising the arm. Rotator cuff injuries are difficult to heal and often progress with increased pain, weakness, and inflammation if left untreated.

BICEPS TENDONITIS: This form of tendonitis can happen from either lifting too much weight, a fall on an outstretched hand, or sleeping wrong. Symptoms often appear as a dull ache located within the biceps muscle and/or in front of the shoulder. Lifting objects often aggravates this condition.

AC JOINT TEARS: The AC joint connects the shoulder to the rest of the body and is the most prone to injury. Injuries can range from minor strains to complete dislocations. Falls or other accidents are common causes of this type of injury. Symptoms include sharp pains and/or audible clicks or pops with overhead activities. In many cases, a dull ache in the front of the shoulder can be present with sleeping especially on one’s side. A separated or dislocated AC joint will appear as an elevated bump at the top of the shoulder.

The Four Phased Approach to Your Care

ADJUSTMENTS: Chiropractic adjustments are highly skilled manual treatments that safely and comfortably restore natural movement and positioning of your joints. Our office utilizes both gentle hands on and instrument assisted adjusting techniques.

EXERCISES: Exercises are unique to your specific condition and comfort level. Our modernized equipment accelerates muscle stretch and strength. We also prescribe at home exercises as an practical and easy way to improve your condition.

LASER THERAPY: Laser therapy is a safe, painless way to accelerate healing and reduce inflammation. The device generates infrared laser that can penetrate deep into the shoulder joint allowing the tissue to heal twice as fast.

KENISIO TAPING: This is a form of elastic taping which helps support muscles and ligaments as they heal. The tape is comfortable to wear and can be worn for days, providing continuous therapy. There is no discomfort durring removal and all adhesives are hypoallergenic.

Disclaimer: The following general information is provided to assist the reader in developing an awareness of of the many conditions treated by Chiropractors, and of procedures employed in treatment. It is not intended as a substitute for the reader’s consultation with their appropriate primary caregiver, and for an evelauation and recommendation following a comprehensive examination at Lakes Region Chiropractic. ~James Pamplin, DC (Lakes Region Chiropractic)